(2011). Define each of the qualities clearly. Disability and psychotherapy practice: Cultural competence and practical tips. The annual Investing in Ability program will highlight its 2018 theme “Diversity Includes Disability” during annual events planned for the month of October.The Council for Disability Concerns produces the program designed to raise awareness of disability topics on campus and in the community. The annual Investing in Ability program will highlight its 2018 theme “Diversity Includes Disability” during annual events planned for the month of October. Beeseley, K., White, J. H., Alston, M. K., Sweetapple, A., & Pollack, M. (2011). Liddle, J., Fleming, J., McKenna, K., Turpin, M., Whitelaw, P., & Allen, S. (2011). Specifically, a qualified individual with a disability is someone who can perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation. (2010). A qualitative study of the physical, social and attitudinal environments influencing the participation of children with cerebral palsy in northeast England. Factors influencing the adherence of antipsychotic medication (Aripiprazole) in first-episode psychosis: Findings from a grounded theory study. It is also a normal part of the diversity of the existing workforce for ever employer, including … Children’s and parents’ beliefs regarding the value of walking: Rehabilitation implications for children with cerebral palsy. Attitudes and expectations regarding exercise in the hospital of hospitalized older adults: A qualitative study. Olkin, R., & Pledger, C. (2003). What's It Like to Live With a Disability? Each of these dimensions are explored through workshops, programs, and materials sponsored by the Center for Equity & Inclusion. Dimensions of Diversity At the heart of the Center for Equity & Inclusion's work are nine broad diversity dimensions: Age, Gender, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Race, Ethnicity, Class, Disability, and Nationality. (1994). The University of Michigan Council for Disability Concerns’ Investing in Ability series of events will explore disability as a dimension of diversity. (2008). Hirsche, R. C., Williams, B., Jones, A., & Manns, P. (2011). The Structure of Coping. Disability as a Diversity Issue By fostering a culture of diversity — the capacity to appreciate and value individual differences — we all benefit. What I am seeking to emphasise is that disability is not restricted to those members of the community who are currently outside or on the fringes of the workforce. (2011). Smith, C., Hale, L., Olson, K., & Schneiders, A. infinite range of individuals' unique attributes, experiences, and Qualitative research: Valuable or irrelevant? Serious debate exists about the relative importance of traditional academic literacy skills for students with severe disabilities and for many middle- and high-school-age students with moderate and mild disabilities. Disability research in counseling psychology journals: A 20 year content analysis. The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. Gender, ethnicity and sexuality always spring to mind but, on many occasions disability is missed off the list. That’s a good start, but there are so many other ways to think about diversity as well. Five models of research in two paradigms (Olkin, Newsletter of the American Family Therapy Academy, #67, 27–32, 1997; What psychotherapists should know about disability. Handbooks in Health, Work, and Disability, vol 4. Physical Workplace Diversity Ability & Disability Physical Disabilities and ability and is the capacity to do tasks that demand stamina, desired, strength and similar characteristics. Diversity is defined as all of the ways in which we differ. Nosek, M. A., Howland, C., Rintala, D. H., Young, M. E., & Chanpong, G. F. (2001). In: Olson K., Young R., Schultz I. Parents’ experiences of the provision of community-based family support and therapy services utilizing the strengths approach and natural learning environments. It is … In: Olson K., Young R., Schultz I. It is to provide them with the same opportunity that everyone else in the society gets in every aspect of life. Knis-Matthew, L., Falzarano, M., Baum, D., Manganiello, J., Patel, S., & Winters, L. (2011). The benefits of disability diversity in the workplace .